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90210 TV Series Review - Little Sci-Fi 'Twist' Won't Do Any Harm

February 10, 2017 5:53 pm

90210 TV Series may have ended 3 years ago, but its story remained in the hearts of its diehard fans forever. 90210 TV series have touched the hearts of its viewers from day 1 until the end. This TV series is all about the teenage circle of friends and their journey to adulthood. This series focuses on love and friendship and how each character made through his/her own journey.

Aired on The CW, 90210 is an AmericanTV series with the teen drama genre. This TV series made its way through the television from September 2, 2008 up to May 13, 2013 and was produced by CBS Television Studios.


The show circulates around the story of some rich students of the West Beverly Hills High School. As the series goes on, it now revolves on the lives of the group of friends as they bid goodbye to teenage live and as they enter the chaotic world of adulthood.  Each one of them had his/her own path to take and dreams to fulfill. From high school and how they live their love after college, this group of friends continues to face a new chapter and challenges that came their way ranging from love, friendship, drugs, death and assaults.

This TV series focuses on the life of Dixon Wilson and his sister Annie as they leave Kansas and enter a new world in Beverly Hills. They had to move to Beverly Hills so they and their dad Harry, together with their mom Debbie can take care of their grandma on the father’s side. Annie can be described as a friendly and sweet teenager who has a passion for theater while her brother Dixon is in to athletics.

The two were welcomed by culture shock as they enter their new school and was worsened by the fact that their dad is the high school principal, how great is that right? Annie and Dixon were close as siblings and they have to maintain it especially as they came across with a group of teenagers with different personalities that may influence them in a good or bad way. In this series and in each episode of 90210, you will see how the lives of the Wilson family started to change and how each of their journeys began in a new place and how they will fight the odds together as a family.


The show may have ended but we cannot deny the fact that it was indeed one of the best teen-oriented shows in TV series history. It was an overall package, good story line, moral lessons to be learned, strong and great characters, amazing actors and actresses, humor and drama. Each episode is great as they have amazing scripts and characters. I, myself am so glad that I watched this TV series because it has been one of my favorites from day 1 till the end. I believe that it is one of the best written and produced teenage drama TV series in history. The storyline is changing but remained to be watchable for its entire length of airing in television.

I think the producers should be commended as they were able to constantly maintain its characters intact ranging from major to minor characters. Consistent and strong story line, characters and talents were remained during the entire show for years. The episodes were great but there are few which are included in my list of favorites especially when they entered the real world after college.

I like the fact that these TV series can actually be interesting both in teens and adults. There may be individuals who find the story not great to watch for the main reason that some episodes were unrealistic and may not happen in real life. But, let’s face it, the best part of watching movies or series is the unrealistic part, we cannot expect to find realistic plot and characters to be interesting perhaps it can be boring. I believe that many individuals didn’t have plans of watching the series purposely, just like me. But, accidentally as the situation allows, we were able to watch it and were hooked to it and starts to follow each and every episode.
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