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October 15, 2016
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The Buzz

There’s a lot of science fiction action horror film that has been released since then, and Alien vs. Predator or also known as AVP was once of them. It was directed by Paul W.S. Anderson in 2004 and had a powerful casting. The Alien vs. Predator got franchise and this is the first instalment of the said franchise.

It adapts an edge by combining the eponymous creatures of the series the Alien and Predator. This concept was initiated by a comic book in 1989. The writers were Dan O’Bannon and Ronald Shusett influenced by the Aztec mythology, writings of Erich von Daniken and comic book series. It was then later on adapted into screenplay by Shane Salerno and Anderson.

It was first released in North America last August 13, 2004 and received massive undesirable reviews from critics of the films. It was followed by Alien vs. Predator: Requiem in 2007, the next sequel to the Alien vs. Predator franchise.

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Plot vs Plot

The setting of the story took place in 2004 in Bouyetova, an island approximately one thousand miles off the Antarctica coast, a satellite senses a mysterious heat bloom beneath.Through the process of thermal imaging, Charles Bishop Weyland who is a wealthy industrialist discovered that buried 2000 feet below the ice is a pyramid.

Charles Bishop Weyland is the owner of Weyland Industries, a subsidiary of the Weyland Corporation. After he discovered the pyramid, he claimed it for his company of multinational companies and he brings together experts to do the investigation. His team of experts includes a guide, linguistic experts, mercenaries, archaeologists and drillers.

When the ship of the Predator arrived at the orbit of the Earth, it created a beam that made a way through the ice towards the heat bloom source. When the investigating team have reached the whaling station, which was abandoned and above the source of heat, they found a way and made their way down below the ice. They finally see the mysterious pyramid and start their exploration.  They were able to discover prehistoric civilization evidences and what seems to be a chamber for sacrifices which is occupied with ruptured rib cages of skeletons from humans.

On the other hand, on the surface area, humans were already killed by the three Predators that just arrived. The team unintentionally activates the structure just in time when the Predators make their way down and arrive in the pyramid.
From the cryogenic stasis process, the Alien Queen was awakened and started to release eggs. Once the egg hatches, a lot of the face huggers were attached to the humans who are inside the sacrificial chamber. Chestbusters were developed from the humans and swiftly became adult aliens. With the blink of an eye, the battle begins between humans, Aliens and Predators and the outcomes are numerous demises.

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An Alien killed two Predators and the owner of the company, Weyland is killed by the surviving Predator letting the guide and an archaeologist escape. The two saw that a Predator killed the facehugger and an alien with a shuriken. After the two left, another facehugger attached itself to the unmasked Predator.

Through the hieroglyphs translation in the pyramid, Sebastian and Alexa then knew that the Predators have always been visiting Earth for several years. It was the Predators who introduced to the early human civilizations on how to construct the pyramid and they were referred to as “gods” by the human. They would visit the Earth to take part in a rite of passage every 100 years. This is where a lot of humans would become hosts for Aliens as a sacrifice. They will become the “ultimate prey” for the hunting of the Predators.

If they will be overcome, there is a self-destruct device that will be activated to eradicate the Aliens and them. The heat bloom that was discovered was to attract the humans to come for the main purpose of creating new Aliens for hunting.

Sebastian and Alexa made a decision that the Predators must be granted to succeed in their hunt for Aliens so that they will not reach the above ground. To their dismay, Sebastian was captured by an Alien. So, the Predator and Alexa formed an alliance to fight against the Aliens. They used the self-destruct device to destroy the remaining Aliens and the pyramid.

Alexa and Scar battle the Alien Queen when they reached the surface. They then defeated the Queen by attaching the chain to a water and pushing her over the cliff. The said process dragged the Queen to the ocean floor.  Scar on the verge of fighting the Queen was hit in the torso by the tail of the Alien Queen, got severely wounded and died.

The ship of the Predator came and a lot of Predators came. They took their dead and wounded mate. The head elite Predator gave Alexa one of their spear weapons to recognize her skill as a warrior who fought with them. When the Predators go back into the space, a chestbuster which is now a hybrid form of a Predator and an Alien erupted from the chest of Scar’s thus started the events for the sequel of Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem.

Final Reviews

Despite the promising outcome of this movie, it garnered a lot of negative reviews from viewers and hd movies critics from all over the world. First, the characters are unlikable clichés that can be seen with in a lot of other free online movies. The casting is made of newcomers in the industry and not making that much of an impression.

The story of combining the two fictional characters was united per requests by lots of fans. And it was a great attempt but somehow they failed in the area of connectivity. The second is the director, some of the critics said that he did not give much respect and importance to the script on hand.

The set however was set fantastically, that it is the only thing that is praised and appreciated in this type of free movies . It provides great stages and cinematography.

The dialogue on this movie was one of the worst and that nothing can be quoted out of this film.

In short, for a movie that people are expecting a lot, it did not live up to that expectation and personally, I would just like to give it a 2.5.

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