What Makes a Good Sci-Fi Movie?

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October 28, 2016

If you are a lover of Sci-Fi movies, you would know that the X-factor which makes these movies lovable and exciting is the ideas which are born in the scripts of these films. A good sci-fi movie takes us to another dimension of possibilities and opens new doorways to hi-tech worlds.

saturn-341379_640Sci-fi movies are known to introduce new concepts and theories related to the science and technology. The possibilities of future are always a hot target in these movies. People love to watch unique tools or artifacts shown in these movies that the current real world technology cannot replicate. The exciting thing about these technologies is that they usually do not violate the current scientific principles. All the content filmed in these movies is in line with the scientific theories. There are some imaginary concepts as well but usually, some explanations are given to satisfy the viewers.

The most important thing in these movies is how the concepts are portrayed. In the current world, there is distinct importance given to the “Special Effects”. Whether the film makers want to show an alien invasion or the world with time machines, they need special effects to make it not only seem real but also make the viewers believe that they have been transported to another dimension.

Another important fact is that the Sci-fi movie should not be a work of total fantasy. It should portray ideas, which the viewers can believe might come true in the future with advancements in science and technology. It should not have ideas, which contradict with or completely deny basic scientific knowledge at any level.

There are some rules which a good sci-fi movie should never break and if broken may lead the movie to get flopped. The first rule is that the movie should never “self-contradict” the scientific principles or ideas presented in it without some sufficient explanation. The second rule is that the movie should never contradict the popular sci-fi conventions and if it does, then some good explanation should be provided to the viewers. The third rule is that the characters in the movie should be able to draw obvious conclusions based on the scientific knowledge available to them.

With this being said, let us not take away the fact that what truly makes a movie good is its ability to entertain people and make them enjoy their time. The movie should be fun to watch, have a compelling story, an interesting plot and fascinating characters. The success of a movie also depends on the movie makers who respect their audience and have something good to say.




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    In the interview with Alex Garland I can see that he’s an underrated person in film. This man needs some more attention.!

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