An Overview for Beginners: What is Metal Fabrication?

Have you ever wondered where did smartphones, iPods, tablets, luxury cars, and any other high-tech products come from and on how they were formed? Well, these things came from nowhere. All of it was processed and created by engineers through time in order to cope up with the demand of people.

Machineries nowadays, are very significant in our modern world because of the innovative ideas that people have in order to give ease to the lives of people specially to work such as in farming, fishing, transportation, and even in our households.

In order to achieve these types of machines, metal fabrication takes place. It is where the process of cutting metal parts, bending them for the creation of the desired shape, and assembling it all together to form a machine or an end product. Through this, raw materials were used for fabrication in order to create types of machinery, metal parts, and different structures. The fabrication of metals usually starts with drawing designs that have exact specifications and dimensions. After performing the processes such as welding, cutting, bending, casting, the fabricated metal will be formed to a new product. So, what are the examples of metal fabrication products?

Examples of Metal Fabrication Products

Hand tools – are tools that are held and operated by a hand without electricity or power. An example of hand tools are screwdrivers, clamps, vises, snips, cutters, wrenches, pliers, saws, drill, knives, and more.

Bolts, nuts, and screws – This type of product was usually used in assembling a machine. The bolts, nuts, and screws were used to tie two different parts into one. It is like a thread. When making clothes, threads are used in order to combine two different cutouts of cloth to make a shirt. Same as bolts, nuts, and screws, these were used to assemble cars, gadgets, and even big machinery.

Cans – are containers that are used for packaging. It is primarily made of aluminum. Cans are usually used for food storing foods such as sardines, baked pork and beans, and more. It is also used for storing beverages like beers, soft drinks, and other liquids.

Pipes and pipe fittings – are products that are used to connect different types of water sections that have different shapes and sizes in order to regulate the fluid flow. These were usually used in commercial or domestic areas in order to manipulate the flow of fluids such as liquid waste, gas, water, and any other forms of fluids that needed pipping of tubes.

There were workshops that specialized in metal fabrication such as ‘fab shops’. Fab shops are shops that offer metal fabrication services. They usually bid for a job at companies that need metal fabrication services. Just like the hand tools, bolts, nuts, screws, cans, pipes, and much more. All of it was used to construct something such as buildings and vehicles.

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